Action Star
Workout Program

Shred and tone your body while escaping into the amazing world of an action hero with high intensity cardio in the form of film fight scenes, strength supersets and yoga inspired fitness flows.

L3 Complete Fitness
Training Program

Pack your classes! Help your participants achieve their fitness goals while having a blast! Satisfy your continuing education credits by becoming an L3 instructor!

The Balanced

Find the Secrets to Gaining Your Ideal Body, Discovering Your Warrior Spirit, and Becoming the Action Super Hero of Your Tribe.


Anti-aging, water resistant, UVA/UVB sunscreen for every day use.

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Meet some of

Our Warriors

Amanda Miladin
Amanda Miladin
Laura McHugh
Laura McHugh
Amy Happy
Amy Happy
Elizabeth Nouri
Elizabeth Nouri

“Since starting the Fierce Lotus program I have been more motivated in making healthier choices and finding time for short, but intense workouts. Having a child under the age of one takes a lot of my time and energy, but I am making it a point to push harder and follow certain guidelines from this program. My future goal is to maintain this lifestyle as best as I can and get my mind and body ready for baby #2 and to also be able to bounce back as I did with baby #1.”
- Amanda Miladin

“I started the fierce lotus program back in April of last year and saw immediate results. My energy increased, I lost 6lbs the first month and my problem areas, thighs and waist shrunk and I felt better than ever. In July life carried on and I found out I was pregnant with my second child! Although plans changed I continued the program and found myself having a much better pregnancy then the 1st time around. I wrote out goals in categories such as energy, weight gain, mental health, meditation , growth of my developing fetus and even work achievements. Instead of sometimes dreading a work out or a task in the past I found myself looking forward to tasks and activities I planned to help me achieve those goals each day. I did achieve those goals and without struggle because it was a lifestyle change and not just temporary. I am now 26 weeks pregnant and feeling fabulous. I am so happy and thankful to be feeling the way I am and moving forward achieving more and more every day.”
- Laura McHugh

“Since beginning the Fierce Lotus program, I’ve noticed a steady change in my mental, emotional and physical well-being. After each week of completing my goals set forth, I feel stronger to move on to the goals for the next week. It’s the little changes that keep me motivated: parking a couple blocks away from work; doing squats everytime I use the bathroom; meditating 3x a week to keep me focused on my mantra for the day.”
- Amy Happy

“Fierce Lotus gave me the direction and motivation to get my butt back in gear and whip me into shape! The workouts were perfect for me because I love having someone design a workout - listing it out, but then let me put my headphones on and not have to worry about anyone else in the room… just me and my workout. I am so thankful for Heidi and Lisa putting this program together, and tailoring it for my schedule and my goals! It has truly changed the way I workout, how I see myself, and tackle other obstacles in my life… with Fierceness =).”
- Elizabeth Nouri

Heidi Moneymaker is a top
Hollywood stunt double and actress
doubling and playing many of the
amazing female action heroes in
your favorite blockbuster films.

Lisa Newman is a mom of two
boys, CFO of a major restaurant chain,
a certified personal trainer,
and a fitness model and

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