17 Dec

Fierce But Flexible Vacation!

Instead of seeing New York on a city bus tour, we decided to put on our workout gear and go for a run.  We happened to wear our “Fierce But Flexible” hoodies, which foreshadowed the rest of our day. We planned to go for a 3 mile run and then hit the gym for one of our full body Fierce Lotus sweats.  At mile 2, we ran right into the Brooklyn Bridge and saw an opportunity to have some fun.  We ran across the bridge stopping every quarter mile, adding legs, arms, core, and plyometric exercises.  We not only got a really intense workout and saw some amazing sites, but we also entertained our fellow tourists along the way.

We take vacations to give ourselves a break from work, rest our minds, and enjoy family and friends, but don’t forget to love your beautiful body. Exercise portion control, add extra greens to your plate and don’t splurge at every meal.  Its not “cheat vacation”.  When you don’t fuel or hydrate your body correctly, much like your car, it won’t run smoothly. You become lethargic and may not have the energy to truly enjoy all the pleasantries of your trip. Get up and go! Grab your running or walking shoes and enjoy the scenery while burning calories.  You will be surprised how much of a city you will see, when you take in the sites by foot.  It’s always great to be fierce and have a plan, but if you are flexible, much like we were this day, you may end up surpassing your expectations!  FIERCE BUT FLEXIBLE!

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