7 Jun

Airbrushed Photos Creating Unrealistic Image Standards

Have you ever looked at a magazine cover page and wondered, “How is that woman so flawlessly beautiful?”? Although most “cover girls” are very beautiful, a lot of make up, lighting, and airbrushing goes into making them look flawless. We all like to look at a beautiful picture, but unfortunately, some of these photos are creating unrealistic image standards for our youth.

I wanted to show a before and after photo of a photo shoot I did recently to show the impact of make up, wigs, lighting, and all around movie magic. I teamed up with photographer, Daniel Bernhardt, Make up artist, Heba Thorisdottir, and Hairdresser, Jeri Baker, and made the transformation. They did an amazing job of changing me from a blond, bouncy cheerleader, into an edgy, short haired, red head with an attitude. The lighting and talented photog did the rest.

To all the young girls, boys and young adults out there, you are perfect just the way you are. We put so much worth on the color of our hair or the size of our waist. Do yourself a favor, love who you are, inside and out. Once you are in love with the amazing person you are, you can go about creating the character you want to be. You can change your hair color, your style and even your dress size, but the important thing is that you love the skin you are in. You can make all the physical changes you want, but unless you love and accept the beautiful person you are, those changes you make won’t make you happy.

Take it from me, a woman who has spent almost 14 years in the film industry, NO ONE is flawless. I believe it is our imperfections that make us special; that make us human. Don’t ever doubt how special you are. You are an amazing, beautiful, Warrior!

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