14 Jun

Give you skin a youthful glow by infusing your water with cucumber and mint!

How many of you have a hard time staying hydrated?  We know we do.   Every cup of coffee or glass of wine docks you at least, one glass of water.  Not to mention the water loss you endure by sweating while you train your Fierce Lotus butt off in the gym.  It is hard to get enough quality water these days. The big question is how can we stay hydrated in a world filled with contaminated drinking water, dehydrating, however, delicious social drinks, and the existence of the Frappuccino?

Here are a few tips to help you stay hydrated and full of energy.  First of all, you have to make drinking water a special and delicious treat.  We like to infuse our water with fruit.  One of our favorites is cucumber-mint.  We also make lemon, lemon-cucumber and strawberry-mint infused water.  The great thing about making infused water is that it tastes like a treat.  You also get the benefit of the vitamin C from the lemon and strawberries which your beautiful skin needs to stay youthful.  The mint stimulates your digestive enzymes and chomps up fat and turns it into energy, and cucumbers are almost 90% water and help hydrate and sooth your entire body, including the skin on your face.

We are living in a social era.  Social media dominates a lot of our time and gathering at a bar for drinks or dinner can be a regular occurrence.  We often find ourselves drinking much more during the week than we plan to.  Avoid excessive alcohol intake and stay hydrated by ordering a Mocktail.  We love to order a sparkling water and add lime, mint and mandarin.

Whatever your preferred Mocktail or infused water choice is, promise to give yourself the gift of tasty hydration.  It is simple and before you know it, you will crave the lip smacking energy boost you receive, and you will find you start to get comments on how great your skin looks.  FYI, that is code for, “you look so young, how are you doing it?”  Create your own fancy water today, the future you will thank you.

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