Turn your boring housework into a “houseworkout”!

I came home today and realized my couch needed some cleaning.  I have 2 dogs, 2 cats, and 2 people living in my house.  Needless to say, there is a lot of dirt and fur.  I was already a bit tired and the idea of taking on such a daunting task made me immediately wish I was able to survive covered in animal fur.  Unfortunately, I am not a “be one with the fur” type of girl.

My plan was to vacuum the entire couch including the cushions, back of the couch and the pillows.  Each time I leaned over with the vacuum attachment to clean the hard to reach surfaces and hidden fur crevices, I engaged my core muscles to assist in reaching over the couch without hurting my back, squeezed my glutes and upper legs to stabilize myself, and felt the burn in my shoulders and arms.  I realized I was sweating and my muscles were burning.  I decided my house needed more than just a quick de-furring of my couch.  I spent the remainder of the next hour challenging myself to clean all the hard to reach places I could find throughout the house, making sure to squeeze my muscles even harder than I needed to to perform the task.

My vacuum was empty when I started my housework, but now look at it! Did you know that vacuuming burns anywhere from 170 calories to 239 calories per hour?  That is not including the calorie burn and the muscle toning you achieve by using isometric contractions while cleaning all the small and hard to reach spots. I cannot stress how powerful a change in perspective can be.  I began my cleaning mission with a negative attitude, but once I let that go, I realized I could turn my annoying housework into an awesome “Houseworkout”!  Next time you are stuck at home feeling the need to clean and dreading it, remember how easy it is to create an effective toning, sculpting and fat burning workout!