21 Jan

Turn Left Over Sunday Dinner into Monday’s Yummy Lunch!

Do you have a hard time finding healthy food for lunch at work?  Do you think about packing healthy food to take with you but you always seem to run out of time?  Here are a few of our healthy eating on the go secrets:

Our #1!  Add an extra serving or two to the heathly dinner you make and wrap your leftovers up for lunch.  One of our faves is an easy baked salmon and sauteed spinach recipe.  (below)  If you don’t feel like eating the same thing for lunch as you did for dinner the night before, create a fresh salad and add the salmon and a light dressing on the side to change the flavor of the meal.

Our #2! Always keep easy to travel/pack snacks ready to go the night before.  For example, Goji berries, nuts (raw walnuts and almonds), sliced veggies, fruit, protein bars, HARD BOILED EGGS! (Fierce Lotus Fave), green juices, green smoothies, kombucha teas, any other healthy sexy snack you may love!

Our #3! Keep a bottle of Raw Apple Cider Vinegar at your desk (near your work station).  Adding 1-2 tablspoons ACV to 8oz water is not only packed full of B vitamins which keep your stress levels down, but will also curb your hunger.  That’s right!  Apple Cider vinegar can help you lose weight! Bring on that sexy Body!! Studies have shown that the acetic acid in ACV not only surpresses your appetite, but actually increases your metabolism!  It also helps reduce water retention, so no more looking thicker that you are beautiful!  We call this a win, win!!

**Pre-heat oven to 375 degrees.  Wash 2 salmon filets and place in baking dish.  Add juice of half a medium lemon, add clove (or too if you like) of garlic and a pinch of salt.  Bake for 12-20 minutes depending on desired color of the center.  Heat 2 tbsp Coconut oil over medium-low heat.  Add one clove gralic chopped.  Add 6 cups raw spinach and sautee until lightly cooked.  Yields 2 servings.  Enjoy!!!!

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