Anti-Aging Secrets-Our Top 4 Anti-Aging Musts

#1  Wear Sunscreen
Whether or not you live in sunny California, or chilly Vermont, you need to apply sunscreen daily, especially to your face, and here is why.  80% of the UV rays from the sun can penetrate through the clouds according to the American Academy of Dermatologists.  This is a shocking number.  In fact, harmful UVA rays can age your skin through smog and glass as well as through clouds.  Therefore,  our anti-aging must #1 is ALWAYS wear sunscreen.  It was for this reason we partnered with award winning dermatologist, Dr. Lawrence Moy to produce Warrior Paint colorless sunscreen.  We wanted a light, moisturizing, sport sun shield for everyday use and the time release, Lyphazome technology means you don’t have to reapply as often.  Warrior Paint Sunscreen  is available at  There are many great brands out on the market and many cosmetics now contain an SPF, so choose the shield that works best for you and protect that gorgeous skin.

#2  Cover Up
Always back up your back up!  Even if you are religious about applying your sunscreen, we recommend wearing a hat or light weight full coverage clothing when exercising or relaxing outside, just in case.  Often times we apply our sunscreen right before we head out in the sun and don’t wait the full 20 minutes for the sunscreen to take effect, or sometimes even miss a spot on our face.  Even minimal exposure to the harmful rays of the sun can leave your skin less than luscious, with new lines and wrinkles yearly.  We are big fans of ensuring full coverage when it comes to protecting the biggest organ in our body and always throw on a fierce lotus hat as well as sunscreen before heading out for a beach run, walking the dogs, or driving to pick the kids up from school.  According to, “the global market for anti-aging products and services is expected to grow from $281.6 billion in 2015 to $331.3 billion in 2020”.  Save yourself some money in skin care products and grab one of our new hats on

#3 Stop To Smell the Roses
Stress management is one of our most important anti-aging musts.  Increased daily stress causes your cortisol (the body’s stress hormone) levels to increase.  This is bad because cortisol can break down collagen and over time, it becomes harder and harder for your body to regenerate this tissue.   Chronic emotional stress can also lead to over used stress hormones and adrenaline secretion creating chronic inflammation in the body and further breakdown of your skin.  Finding a moment to be grateful for the experience you are having whether it is challenging or not, is step one.  We then recommend scheduling time each day to create stillness in your life.  We love guided meditations, but you choose what works best for you, even if that means just taking your shoes off and feeling the earth between your toes for a few minutes.  Don’t give your youth away to the craziness of the world we live in.  Demand stillness for yourself each day.  You deserve it!

#4 Push, Flush, Replenish
Push, flush, replenish.  Give your body the fuel it needs to detox and build supple, moisture filled, beautiful skin.  One of the ways the body flushes toxins out of the body is through the skin.  If you are constantly eating fast food filled with hydrogenated oils, you better believe you will see blemishes and breakdowns in your skin’s collagen and elastin.  Make sure to read the food labels.  Many products on the self have hidden poisons like many brands of peanut butter, which do include hydrogenated oils.  Adding healthy fiber to your diet by eating fruits and vegetables, like apples, will help your body push the gunk sitting inside your body though your intestines, instead of breaking down your skin cells and creating acne.  The body also flushes toxins out through liver, which can become over taxed, toxic, or even become a “fatty liver”.   Adding lemon juice to warm water in the morning and drinking it first thing upon rising, can help flush your liver of this toxic material.  Healthy fats like avocados not only contain good fatty acids, but also antioxidants and vitamins, all which help replenish your skin’s vitality, keeping you looking youthful and gorgeous.