My name is Heidi Moneymaker. I have been an athlete my entire life. I started gymnastics at the age of 5, and I continued competing nationally and internationally for both the U.S. and UCLA until I retired at the age of 22. I then took my skills to Hollywood and became an actress and one of the industry’s top-performing stuntwomen. I have been part of the action team on such films as John Wick 2, The Fast and Furious series, The Hunger Games series, and Marvel’s, The Avengers’, the Captain America’s, and Iron Man 2 as the stunt double for Scarlett Johansson. In order to stay at the top of my game, whether in the gymnastics world or in “Tinsel Town,” it has been imperative for me to keep my body and mind fit and healthy. I have spent years figuring out the combination of nutrition, exercise, and stillness that fits my individual lifestyle.

For me, it started with nutrition. My father is very knowledgeable in this field, and he taught me that what I put in my body would become my body—”You are what you eat.” We ate a very balanced and healthy diet at home, and we supplemented it with freshly juiced vegetables, fruit, and wheatgrass. As I got a little older, I started adding green smoothies, bone broth, and coconut oil to my nutrition plan. I also started cross training (practicing multiple types of exercise, i.e., yoga, kickboxing, running, resistance training) for maximum fitness, but it wasn’t until I became a stuntwoman that I realized the importance of stillness and meditation.

As you might guess, performing stunts in film and television can be very dangerous and can be a cause for anxiety. It took me quite a few years to figure out the solution to my distress and sleeplessness. After much trial and error, I came to find the power of stillness—the power of meditation. It wasn’t until I put this amazing trinity of nutrition, fitness, and stillness together that I finally found my balance. I had discovered how to balance the scale of my life.

Now, part of my job as a stuntwoman and action designer is to “fight train” the actors and actresses I work with for their action scenes. Everyone is unique and resonates with different learning techniques. It usually takes a training session or two for me to understand what direction I will go in, but once I figure it out, I love helping to bring out the Warrior in these action stars! I enjoy sharing my knowledge of the trinity of nutrition, fitness, and stillness so much that I often work with crewmembers at lunch and sometimes teach ”Quick Sweat” boot camps.

It is for this reason I have joined the very talented Lisa Newman and created Fierce Lotus and the Fierce Lotus Lifestyle. We are both extremely busy Warriors, but we have truly found the secrets to balancing the scale of our lives. We can’t wait to have you as a part of our Fierce Lotus Tribe and to share a lifestyle of healthy, happy existence with you!

I created the Fierce Lotus Fitness brand with Heidi because I wanted to share the tips I have learned over the years to having a fulfilling lifestyle on every level. I define this lifestyle as a balance between complete fitness, eating clean and finding stillness amongst my chaotic life. I am a Chief Financial Officer of a restaurant chain, fitness trainer/personality and mom of two boys. We all can relate to the demands we face living in this era of time of technology. We are wireless which means most of us are multi-tasking all of the time! I strive to be the best at each role I play whether it is helping my kids with their home work, putting my clients through an amazing workout or producing financial statements. I struggle at times, and turn to the tips Heidi and I share with you to stay focused and complete my goals.

My role in the Action Star Workout & L3 Complete Fitness Program:I started teaching group fitness when I was 18. I started with step aerobics, which led to spin, body sculpting, stretching and kickboxing classes. Kickboxing became my favorite exercise because I saw my body change from strong and fit to strong and shredded with lean, tight muscles in places I didn’t know existed. I started implementing kickboxing moves into all of my group fitness classes as an experiment, and found that my clients immediately started to look leaner and more toned. Kickboxing, yoga, and strength training were also my secret weapons to getting back in shape after my two pregnancies. Now, I am using the L3 workouts, which embody all three weapons to train all my clients. The results are amazing. My clients are walking around in lean, toned, strong bodies, especially those who are postpartum.

Group fitness led to many jobs as a high-profile fitness instructor and personality in fitness videos for The Daily Burn, DB 15 MMA, The Inferno Series, and HR Series. Teaching and participating in videos with such workout variation contributed to my love for cross training and led to my desire to create one workout including them all. The L3 mode of training is the answer to creating a chiseled body. During the lean phase of the workout, you are using your entire body to punch/kick/block/ jump/sweat your way into fitness. Your legs, abs, booty and arms are engaged in every L3 move. Your mind and body are stimulated, having to work hard to remember the fight combinations in order to create the muscle memory for each fight combination.

We make a balanced team. Heidi creates the serious fight choreography from your favorite action movies, and I bring my extensive group fitness, kickboxing, and body sculpting expertise to every workout. Together, we test the fight choreography and determine which moves are conducive to body sculpting while at the same time, simple enough for anyone to learn. The L3 Training program is the result of two highly experienced fitness professionals coming together to form a hybrid program of some of the most effective workouts on the market.

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