L3 Complete Fitness

Pack your classes! Help your participants achieve their fitness goals while having a blast! Satisfy your continuing education credits by becoming an L3 instructor! Heidi Moneymaker and Lisa Paul- Newman have created a new hybrid wave of fitness.

Learn the world of superheroes and action fighting. Superheroes are inspiring, and encourage people to dream and feel empowered in their everyday lives. One of the most fun and unique features of L3 is the incorporation of Action Fighting from Hollywood films into the Lean phase of the workout. As you go through this program, you will start to feel more confident with every upper cut and jump kick, learning how to perform like a true action star. Soon you will be sharing that powerful feeling with your clients and class participants, building them up to the full 60 minutes L3 workout, and making them feel as though they are part of an action-packed film set. The workout includes strength exercises, high intensity cardio, and flexibility training through yoga. Truly, Complete Fitness!

This Instructor Training Manual is created to prepare you to instruct these highly effective L3 workouts and to help you fully understand why the L3 is a superior form of overall fitness training.


~PDF Manual, 8 Video stream lectures, 60 minute digital base master class, Blank worksheets to help you format your class, Progressive roll out formula allowing for your class to master the fight scenes before moving on to new ones.

L3 Complete Fitness

L3 Episode II

Once you master the L3 Complete Fitness Base program get ready to expand your knowledge by jump kicking your way into Episode II. What’s new?

L3 Action Sequences

Load: New Moves and Isometric holds between super-sets

Length: New and more challenging Yoga inspired fitness flows that push your participants and keep them interested

Lean: THE FIGHT ZONE. You asked. We are giving it to you. New Fight choreography from the set. Including more challenging choreography, multiple direction changes and extra jump kicks within the Fight Sequences.

Includes 60 minute master class and Episode II manual.

About the Creators

Heidi Moneymaker is a top
Hollywood stunt double and actress
doubling and playing many of the
amazing female action heroes in
your favorite blockbuster films.

Lisa Newman is a mom of two
boys, CFO of a major restaurant chain,
a certified personal trainer,
and a fitness model and

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