/ ASWP Level 1: Streaming

ASWP Level 1: Streaming


Instant access to 8 Action Star Workout videos including

High Intensity Action Fighting Workout (30 mins)
Metabolic Boost Workout (30 mins)
Metabolic Boost Extra Heat (10 mins)
Tone and Sculpt Workout (30 mins)
Lights! Camera! Action! (10 mins)


Fight Demo. Watch how the Fight Scenes you learn look when performed on camera with Heidi and actual Hollywood film fight doubles.


Nutrition plan, Meditation Guide & Mission Dossier! Set your fitness objectives, learn how to change bad habits to good, and sign a fitness and nutrition contract with yourself. It’s never been easier to be successful in accomplishing your goals.


The Action Star Workout Program is one of the most cutting edge, unique workout programs on the market. Shred and tone your body while escaping into the amazing world of an action hero with high intensity cardio in the form of film fight scenes. No other fitness program provides you with complete fitness in the form of body sculpting, muscle lengthening and balance training, with the added intensity of action film based cardio fight scenes. Escape into our fun filled world of action heroes and before you know it, you will feel like you can scale a building, sprint from an explosion, or hang off the skid of a helicopter ready to attack every challenge that comes your way!!!!