Key Facts that make Warrior Paint,
Formulated by Dr. Moy., Unique:

One Application lasts 8 hours!

~ Testing of our sunscreen demonstrates that it last 8 hours in water for full sunscreen protection. The formulation is specially constructed around patented liposomes. Liposomes are enclosed membranes made out of mostly lecithin and some cholesterol esters. The patented technique is to combine the sunscreen ingredients with the liposomes. When the liposomes contact the skin, they bind to the top, dry layer, well above where the sun damage accumulates.

~ Other sunscreens only coat the skin and do not stay on long enough. Most are water resistant for only 80 minutes. The instruction is to apply indoors and wait 20 minutes before going outdoors and repeat the process if you are spending the day in the sun.

Reality: Most of us will not return indoors every 60 minutes and wait the 20 minutes before going back outside. You are in the sun and not likely to go indoors to reapply throughout your day to get adequate coverage.

Not greasy. This sunscreen not only protects against UVA/UVB rays, but also moisturizes without leaving a greasy or filmy surface.

Why? The patented liposomes. Results: Anti-aging, radiant looking skin.

Warrior Paint

About the Creators

Heidi Moneymaker is a top
Hollywood stunt double and actress
doubling and playing many of the
amazing female action heroes in
your favorite blockbuster films.

Lisa Newman is a mom of two
boys, CFO of a major restaurant chain,
a certified personal trainer,
and a fitness model and

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